Ecology of Aphidophagous Insects

September 27 - October 1, 1965

Liblice near Prague, Czechoslovakia

Organised by the Entomological Institute, Academy of Sciences; I. Hodek

Sections: Food ecology, Voltinism and developmental arrest, Behaviour, Distribution in habitats, Population dynamics, Biological and integrated control

Ecology of Aphidophagous Insects 1966 (Ed. Hodek I.),

Academia, Prague & Junk, The Hague

360 pp., 3 indexes, 20 photographs on 10 plates

2nd Symposium

September 2-8, 1984

Zvíkovské Podhradí, Czechoslovakia

Organised by the Entomological Institute, Academy of Sciences; I. Hodek

Sections: Food ecology, Ethology, Diapause, Life-cycle strategies, Distribution in habitats, Evaluation of effectiveness and utilization, Enemies, diseases, ants

Ecology of Aphidophaga 1986

(Ed. Hodek I.)

Academia, Prague & Junk, Dordrecht

85 papers, 562 pp., subject index, 29 photographs on 15 plates

3rd Symposium

August 31- September 5, 1987

Teresin, Poland

Organised by V.E. Niemczyk

Sections: Food ecology/ethology, Diapause/Life cycle strategies, Distribution in habitats, Impact on aphid populations and use in biological and integrated control, Parasites, predators and pathogens of aphidophaga, Resistance to pesticides

Ecology and Effectiveness of Aphidophaga 1988

(Eds. Niemczyk V.E., Dixon A.F.G.)

SPB Academic, The Hague

60 papers, 341 pp., index of latin names, 22 photographs on 5 plates

4th Symposium

September, 1990

Gödöllö, Hungary

Organised by L. Polgár

Behaviour and Impact of Aphidophaga 1991

(Eds. Polgár L., Chambers R.J.,

Dixon A.F.G., Hodek I.)

SPB Academic, The Hague

50 papers, 350 pp., index of key-words

5th Symposium

September 6-10, 1993

Colle-sur-Loup near Antibes, France

Organised by the Station de Lutte Biologique, INRA; G. Iperti,

J.M. Rabasse

Sections: Augmentation and enhancement of aphidophaga, Behavioural ecology of aphidophaga

Behavioural Ecology of Aphidophagous Insects in European Journal of Entomology 90 (4) - 1993

(Eds. Chambers R.J., Dixon A.F.G.,

Hodek I., Rabasse J.M.)

14 papers, pp. 365-476

Augmentation and Enhancement of Aphidophaga in Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 52 (1) - 1995

(Eds. Aeschlimann J.P., Horn D.,

Mackauer M., Wellings P.)

10 papers, pp. 1-64

6th Symposium

September 2-5, 1996

Gembloux, Belgium

Organised at La Faculté Universitaire des Sciences Agronomiques Gembloux;

J.-L. Hemptinne

Sections: Predator ecology, Parasitoid ecology, The state of the art in biological control of aphids

Biological Control and Management of Aphids in Entomophaga 42 (1/2) - 1997

(Eds. Dixon A.F.G., Hemptinne J.-L., Hodek I., Honek A., Horn D.,

Mackauer M., Wellings P.)

31 papers, 293 pp.

7th Symposium

August 31 - September 4, 1999

Bromont, Québec, Canada

Organised by the Université du Québec à Montréal; D. Coderre, F. Courchesne, M. St-Louis

Sections: Functional ecology of aphid parasitoids, Ecology of aphid predators

Proc. 7th Int. Symp. Ecol. Aphidophaga

in European Journal of Entomology 97 (4) - 2000

(Eds. Vincent C., Coderre D., Hodek I.)

21 papers, pp. 441-566

8th Symposium

September 1-6, 2002

Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

Organised at the University of Azores;

A.O. Soares, J.-L. Hemptinne

Proc. 8th Int. Symp. Ecol. Aphidophaga: Biology, Ecology and Behaviour of Aphidophagous Insects in Arquipélago, Life and Marine Sciences - 2004 (the cover date 2003)

(Eds. Soares A.O., Ventura M.A., Garcia V., Hemptinne J.-L.)

16 papers, 112 pp.