Ladybirds of Europe

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This page contains supporting information and pictures for the book Ladybirds of Europe written by Oldřich Nedvěd and Milan Djurić and published by HabiProt in 2022 and information for ordering the book.



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prof. RNDr. Oldřich Nedvěd, CSc.
Faculty of Science
University of South Bohemia
Branišovská 31
370 05 České Budějovice
Cech Republic
+420 387 772 253


Preview of several pages of the book.

Citation: Oldřich Nedvěd and Milan Djurić, 2022: Ladybirds of Europe: Field guide. HabiProt, Novi Sad, Serbia. 208 pages. ISBN 9 788691 203344

Additional information and pictures of species, namely the shape of genitalia important for identification of small species.

(To be gradually increasing according to the needs of users.)

Adalia bipunctata

Scymnus abietis


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